Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi 8 December 2016

Shaping tomorrow

Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi
In the short run, the sphere of finance could be governed by blockchain technologies.
A crypto currency backed up with efficient infrastructure may increase global cost reduction for all market participants and change the entire banking system.

Bitcoin and Blockchain will do for payments what internet did for communication.

B&B cannot be ignored any more.

Join 8 December 2016 Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi to create our future today

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What are the most interesting uses of blockchains other than cryptocurrencies?
Smart Control

Smart Control

- Identity authentication through a visible ledger offered by blockchain technologies could help reduce cyber risks.
- An increasing number of organizations and political parties have proposed the creation of a blockchain-based system to build a fairer and more transparent voting environment.
- Small companies could benefit from using blockchain by creating trusted trading platforms among themselves.
- Blockchain could promote robustness and transparency in the post-trade environment.
- Blockchain tech will change timing on risk.
Banking system

Banking system

- Santander SAN, UniCredit UNCFF, UBS UBS, Reisebank, CIBC, ATB Financial and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi working with Ripple’s technology, which uses a distributed ledger of the sort that also underpins bitcoin.
- Central banks could be substituted by the blockchain.
- Central banks will adopt blockchain and cryptographically secured currencies will become widely spread.
- As the blockchain transaction contains all necessary information to transfer assets and/or related contracts successfully, the number of applications within and outside the banks could be reduced.


- One of the key innovations of the blockchain is its capability to downsize or eliminate trusted counterparties in the transaction process. However, not all industries have understood this yet. To do this, they need some time and more information.
- One of Nasdaq's latest initiatives aims to migrate proxy voting, used by shareholders, onto a blockchain solution.
- Blockchain has sufficient level of capacity to create new opportunities for industries and destroy current technologies and processes.
- Increased speed and performance of transactional activity through the blockchain technology will make the world event smaller.


- Japan, U.K., Canadian government representatives called for implementing Blockchain technology into state systems.
- Dutch Government Invests in a Blockchain Development Campus.
- Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies could shape the future of the finance sphere in many countries.
- Social welfare in developing countries could be divided through blockchain tech.
- Blockchain technology could make elections instantaneous and not so expensive and arduous as they are today.


Meet with greaters at Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi
keynote Grant Niven EY Director, Performance Improvement
keynote Zubair Ahmed Senior Vice President, Head of IT & Business Innovation at Emirates Islamic Bank
keynote Max Di Gregorio Partner, Digital and Technology Consulting Lead FS PwC Middle East
keynote Saqr Ereiqat Senior Managing Consultant and BlockChain Evangelist
keynote Fakhri Ahmadov Managing Director of Ahmadoff & Company, founder of Private Wealth Institute
keynote Victor Kiriakos Managing director of Flat6labs Abu Dhabi
keynote Madhukar Shenoy Partner, ME FS Risk and Regulatory Consulting, PwC Middle East
keynote Hilal Houssain Cryptographer and Information Security Expert
keynote Dominik Schiener Co-Founder of IOTA
keynote Vitali Pavlov Senior Project Manager at HashCoins OÜ
keynote Edgar Bers Partner Relations Manager at HashCoins OÜ
keynote Cecil O’Brien Owens Chairman and CEO, Total Technologies and Solutions FZ-LLC
keynote Rajashekara V. Maiya Associate Vice President and Head-Finacle Product Strategy, Infosys
keynote Adam Vaziri Director of Diacle, founder of BitLegal
keynote Abe Cambridge CEO at SunExchange (South Africa)
keynote Luke Johnson CEO at SolcryptoJV ( Japan )
keynote Marina Reznik Chief Real Estate Officer at Ubitquity L.L.C
keynote Yves-Laurent Kayan Co-Founder & Strategy Director at COINPLUS
keynote Christian Chamorro-Courtland Zayed University Abu Dhabi
keynote Pavlo Tanasyuk CEO at BlockVerify ( UK )
keynote Loretta Joseph Director of Market Development, Sydney Stock Exchange
keynote George Basiladze Founder and Co-CEO at Cryptopay ( UK )


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