05 May 2021

The world’s first NFT conference is coming soon


AroundB is pleased to announce the next online event The Conference.NFT.

Date: June 17th, 2021
Place: Online
Time: 12 pm – 6 pm CET
Organized by: AroundB, the creators of The Conference.Exchanges.

So, what’s all the fuss about NFTs?

NFTs (also known as non-fungible tokens) have become so popular it is impossible to resist learning something about them. Demand for NFTs is continuing to surge and the market is showing no signs of slowing down. For the year to date, the combined market cap of major NFT projects has increased by 1,785%. One may call NFTs an over-hyped bubble, but the facts say the opposite. Along with the crypto industry, NFTs are slowly but confidently conquering the world.

ConsenSys, Crypto.com, the New York Times, celebrities, and NBA players have all joined the NFT party. Isn’t it time you joined, too?

At the conference, you’ll get a chance to:

✅ Break the ice with NFTs and learn precisely what they are;

✅ Learn how to become an NFT buyer or seller;

✅ Get insights from the industry’s top professionals;

✅ Enjoy quality networking.

Wanna join? Register here on our website >>>

Who’s to speak?

The lineup of speakers for The Conference.NFT will be announced soon and will include:

✅ founders of leading blockchain and NFT companies; 

✅ NFT artists; 

✅ famous collectors; 

✅ metaverse founders and developers; 

✅ crypto lawyers and legal entrepreneurs.

Wanna join and showcase your project? Drop us a line at [email protected]

Interested in our past?
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14 Jan 2021

The Conference.Exchanges is back in 2021!

DeFi emerged as a secure, on-budget, and open-source alternative to popular financial services like loans and money transfers. Today it’s demonstrating strong growth and is stirring interest among blockchain industry leaders. 

Here a just a few facts about DeFi:

✔️During 2020, the Total Value Locked increased by 200% 

✔️In 2020, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions exceeded $4 billion.

✔️In January 2021, the total cryptocurrency capitalization reached $1 trillion. 

Do we need to say more?

It’s not too late to jump on the DeFi bandwagon. The Conference.Exchanges invites you to join the annual event for all savvy blockchain and DeFi users out there. 

It’s been a year since the last The Conference Exchanges event took place in Amsterdam. In 2021, organizers accept and adapt the event to a new reality and welcome you to join this exciting event online on March 5th, 2021. 

You’ll get a chance to:

✅ Deep dive into the DeFi field & crypto trading topics

✅ Find out about new DeFi projects & new CEX

✅ Get insights from the industry’s top professionals

✅ Enjoy some quality networking

Check out the conference partners and speakers from the past event:

ABCC Exchange, OKEX, EXMO, Binance, Huobi, Shapeshift, Bitfury, Stratx, Indacoin, Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Crypto.com, Hacken, Changelly, and more.

This year, you will hear presentations about: Dex vs Cex; Yfarming; AMM; Securities Frauds; Arbitrage & Trading Strategies; Regulation & Legal Issues and more.

Meanwhile, subscribe to the conference newsletter here: https://theconference.exchange/

 follow Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheconferenceE or join our Telegram community here: https://t.me/the_exchanges to keep in touch with the latest updates conference organizers will post soon.

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10 Jan 2021

Which is the best Blockchain platform to make a fork?

Which is the best Blockchain platform to make a fork?

Starting your own cryptocurrency is not that challenging as it used to be at the edge of Bitcoin monopoly. There is a wide list of solutions offering similar or enhanced technologies. 

Many companies that decided to empower their system with blockchain adoption decided to integrate their own cryptocurrency and forking is one of the common practices while creating a custom blockchain. The only question appears then, what is the best platform to fork for your particular business needs? 

In this article, we will analyze some of the popular platforms and tell how to find the best to optimize your business processes. 

What is fork? 

Initially, let’s define what forking exactly means. Simply, to fork means to split existing blockchain. 

 There are two ways of how we can understand forking. The first type is the fork within the network when the blockchain is split and the previously stored information needs to be updated to the current state. 

The second type of forking means taking the open-sourced code of any existing blockchain and customizing it to your needs while adding or changing a few features. This is the approach we need for a custom cryptocurrency development. 

When do you need a fork?

Well, performing a fork of an existing solution is a good choice if you want to get the power of an already existing blockchain but make it more simple or adjust just a couple of your own custom features.

In addition, making a fork considerably saves development costs, as far as this is not that time-consuming in comparison to creating a custom cryptocurrency from scratch. 

Which is the best Blockchain platform to fork?

Qtum, PIVX, or Dash are the most popular Bitcoin-based blockchains for creating a custom cryptocurrency. Let’s go through their review briefly. 

Dash is a direct fork of Bitcoin but it has numerous advantages like usage of X11 hashing algorithms for a low energy consuming PoW and adjustment of masternodes. The use of last allows for a wider list of operational features, for instance, DAO creation for protocol governing. 

Also, master nodes are seen as a much secure solution, as far as one should deposit a considerable amount of native cryptocurrency to be able to process a node. This prevents the network from the attacks of potential malicious members. 

PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transactions) in its turn is a fork of Dash with a mix of additional adjustments taken from other solutions. PIVIX has taken Bitcoin wallet technology and format along with Dash masternode models.

It also allows for instant and secure transactions while using SwiftX service along with successful adoption of SPORKs for the node’s upgradability.

Qtum is a Bitcoin fork that supports numerous virtual machines like Ethereum EVM or x86 VM. The DGP management allows for adjusting of new blockchain settings with the help of smart contracts reducing the number of hardforks within the system.

Furthermore, Qtum has a very large community that maintains the network, it takes third place after Bitcoin and Ethereum evaluating the number of connected nodes.

However, with a team of experienced blockchain developers, you are not limited to the mentioned ledgers and can create a fork of any existing blockchains like EOS or Tron. You can take any open-sourced blockchain node, fork it, adjust features for your needs, and launch your own network. Even more, it is a popular decision to fork and adapt Parity or Geth nodes of Ethereum blockchain to get access to EVM.  – Sergey Onyshchenko, Blaize CEO 

Main points to consider 

While choosing among those blockchain platforms, there are a few crucial points to pay attention to. Answering them will help to define which blockchain platform to choose for your custom cryptocurrency integration.

Consensus model

Previously described blockchain use two types of consensus: PoW (Bitcoin, Dash) and PoS (PIVX, Qtum). This is one of the fundamental things you should choose for your custom cryptocurrency. PoS is considered as a faster and less costly solution as well as being more energy-efficient. 


The creation of DAO is crucial in terms of protocol governing. This is also time-consuming and costly if you decide to integrate it into the already existing solution. Therefore, it is better to keep your attention to the solutions having this in-built feature (PIVX, Dash). 


Masternodes provides additional operational features and empowers protocol security. Additionally, it creates a greater incentive mechanism for network members. 

While making a fork, there is a possibility of adjusting masternodes to the client’s requirement and set all needed features (for instance establishing or eliminating masternode fees).  

Final thought 

If you consider the adoption of any crypto payments into your working business case, making a fork of the existing blockchain is a good choice. This approach allows for getting a verified and functional solution in a considerably short period of time. 

In addition, this approach is more cost-effective than creating your own cryptocurrency from scratch. 

One of the most important things to consider is finding trustworthy developers for this kind of task. Forking is not a challenge nowadays, but the right and thoughtful adaptation of chosen solutions needs skilled programmers and early analysis of your business case. 

16 Oct 2019

Singapore will host a one-day event with the main crypto exchange players

“It’s already tomorrow in Hong Kong.” The phrase so beloved by Wall Street brokers can be applied in our case to Singapore, where many of Asia’s most innovative fintech and crypto solutions emanate these days. The forthcoming events of November 2019 are proof of that. 

From November 11-20, Singapore will host the world’s leading fintech experts, crypto and blockchain specialists. Singapore Fintech Festival runs from November 11-15 and one of the most interesting events during this period will be TheMeetup Exchanges (Nov 14), which will gather the world’s leading crypto exchange communities with the goal of discussing the current market and setting clear and fair rules for the entire community to adhere to. The main market players in terms of exchanges, regulators, and security providers will gather for an evening of productive discussion.

The range of topics up for discussion will include:

  • Current market problems and ways to solve them
  • Profitability – new ways to achieve it
  • Liquidity: real opportunities for exchanges
  • New markets for project listings and exchange selection criteria
  • Licensing in external jurisdictions: opportunities and limitations
  • Security issues  

Confirmed speakers (more will be announced soon, as event organizers have noted on the official meetup page) will include:

– Marius Jasen, COO & Co-founder of Deribit

– Eric Benz, CEO of Changelly

– Anna Liubavina, Overseas Brand Director at MXC

– Marie Tatibouet, CMO at Gate.io

– Coinsbit, Speaker to be announced soon

– Dmitriy Budorin, Co-Founder and CEO at Hacken

– Anton Dalli, Founder of Blockchain Advisory Malta

– Marina Khaustova, CEO Crystal Blockchain at Bitfury Group

The Singapore event will be the first in a series of events, with the next one to be held in a CIS territory following a big two-day conference in Amsterdam.

As an event organizer Natalie Gavrilenko explains, “The crypto exchange market is not transparent, and there’s a constant battle between traders, exchanges and regulators for access to accurate and critical data. Rules between participants are opaque and ill-defined. With this event, we are planning to discuss several of the most important questions in the space, in a bid to making the crypto exchange landscape fairer and more transparent for everyone.” 

Registration is free. To RSVP just follow this link https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/the-meetup-exchanges-tickets-73099495559

23 Feb 2018

Astana to Hold its Second Major Central Asia Blockchain Conference

In 2017, the total capitalization of crypto assets reached stratospheric level: Bitcoin at a price of $ 20,000, creation of new tokens and innovative projects based on Blockchain, DLT and ICO as a unique crowd funding phenomenon that permeated throughout the world.

It is no mere chance that the 21st century has been recognized as the cryptocurrency era. Many experts believe that the future of the global financial system is behind the crypto currencies and Blockchain. The essential task of today is to build and learn how to manage this system for the benefit of us and our future.

The previous year has demonstrated that the industry itself is developing rapidly and therefore the world market is not able to regulate it and respond quickly to its operation. Only a few countries have dared to establish the qualitative legal framework in order not to oppose but to cooperate with a new form of economy.

Kazakhstan has also been involved in the discussion of issues related to regulation of digital currencies and introduction of Blockchain. According to experts, the Republic of Kazakhstan has every chance of becoming one of the most advanced countries in the field of Blockchain. The country has everything to succeed: financial resources, the state initiative and the desire to create its own crypto oasis.

The capital of Kazakhstan will host for the second time the major Blockchain conference of Central Asia Blockchain Conference Astana on June 14, 2018. This international event will bring together leaders of the blockchain and crypto industries from all over the globe to shape the way in which the digital economy of Kazakhstan may be developed.

What may the guests of Blockchain Conference Astana 2018 expect?

  • Reports by leading speakers from around the world
  • Discussion panels covering the most relevant topics
  • Expo area
  • Coffee breaks and informal communication
  • Dinner with the conference speakers and guests

Who will participate?

Representatives of the banking and financial sectors, representatives of the energy, oil & gas, and save-energy spheres, founders of FinTech companies, as well as delegates of government institutions, will be among the participants of BConference Astana. The event organizing company AroundB, whose portfolio includes over 30 FinTech events around the globe, carefully approaches the selection of speakers and preparation of the program. Very soon the first speakers of this year’s conference will become known, so follow the event updates.

What will be discussed?

Today, all are concerned about the interaction of the cryptocurrency industry with banks, the use of Blockchain in various fields, and, of course, the introduction of Blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation at the state level. All this and much more, including how Kazakhstan will be one step ahead and occupy a niche on the world crypto stage, will be discussed at the second annual Blockchain Conference Astana to be held in Astana on June 14, 2018.

The conference topics are as follows:

  • Blockchain technology for the Republic of Kazakhstan: spheres of application and new ways of the country development
  • Cryptocurrency and tokens
  • ICO: What will happen to a multi-billion dollar structure in 2018?
  • Smart contracts: Will they change the established standards?
  • Crypto economy: How will it influence the world in the near future?
  • Regulation and legal framework for the crypto assets in Kazakhstan

Results of Blockchain Conference Astana 2017

In 2017, Kazakhstan demonstrated its interest in the technology and crypto currencies. Last year, the conference featured over 20 speakers, including representatives from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Over 250 participants attended the event to discuss the application of Blockchain in the financial world, in the energy sector, as well as the role of the technology for e-gov and e-voting. The first crypto event in the country was attended by a record number of people. The best real-cases were presented by such leading world companies as Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, and KPMG.

Blockchain Conference Astana traditionally promises to be the most long-awaited FinTech event in Kazakhstan. Keep up to date with all the news from BConference Astana and follow the news on the event website.

The detailed program of the event will be available on the website of Blockchain Conference Astana in the nearest future. Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep abreast of the most relevant news in the industry. Let’s Blockchain this world together!

The event website: https://bconference.kz/ru.

The event page on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2CbQplj.

Contact details of the organizers:  +442 03 239 96 70, [email protected]

30 Nov 2017

Final countdown — 7 days to Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi

Dear colleagues, Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi is coming closer and we will be happy to give you the latest updates to join us at the most anticipated MENA event of this December.

1. Tickets. You still have a chance to join our amazing event in Abu Dhabi, which will open a new opportunity with Blockchain for you. Please register and buy a ticket here. Kindly note that the registration deadline is December 6, 2017. If you wish to join our conference, please make sure to buy your ticket before this date.

If you have already bought your ticket, please, print it or download it to your mobile device. Your personal badge you will receive at the registration desk on December 7.

2. Agenda. The conference starts at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m. We recommend you to arrive a bit earlier to receive your badge and have a cup of morning coffee with your future partners.
3. Gala Dinner. After the conference will be arranged a special dinner at one of the best Abu Dhabi restaurants with speakers and guests. If you would likе to join this fantastic networking dinner, please, proceed to buy the DINNER ticket bellow (as additional option to your regular ticket).    
4. Location. The conference venue is Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street, Abu Dhabi.

Don’t miss the chance to attend Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi!

22 Nov 2017

BConference Abu Dhabi presents 2 new speakers

BСonference Abu Dhabi is the major Fintech event of the MENA region to be held on December 7, 2017 and bring together the top blockchain representatives. Thus we have some great news for the Blockchain enthusiasts from around the world!

We are happy to present you our 2 new keynote speakers:

  1. Alex Linebrink, CEO of PassageX.

Alex is the CEO of PassageX, the blockchain-based box office platform taking the ticketing world by storm. An engaging, high-energy presenter, Alex shares insights his team has learned from tracking more than $6.4 million in tickets on the PassageX Network and how blockchain can be leveraged to disrupt industries in need of innovation. A serial entrepreneur, Alex has spent the past ten years innovating new solutions in FinTech. He was a featured speaker at the blockchain technology showcase Steemfest in Lisbon, Portugal.

At the conference, Alex Linebrink will oversee the topic Fighting Fraud and Increasing Transparency with Blockchain Technology.

  1.  Ian Luthringer, Attorney at Law,  Luthringer Law.

Finding passion in working with innovators in the technology industry, Ian opened a solo firm where he chose to work exclusively with tech startups. After being introduced to blockchain technology he became enamored with the technology and its potentials, especially in the areas of social welfare and reform of the financial and legal systems. Realizing he was spending all his energy researching blockchain technology and legal issues related thereto, Ian chose to limit his legal practice to entrepreneurs and organizations in the blockchain industry. He now even only accepts payment for services in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The topic of Ian’s speech will be Making US Regulations Work for Your ICO.

Don’t miss a chance to get the first-hand opinion on the most relevant topics from leading experts at the Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi on December 7, 2017. To register, please follow https://bconference.org/ticket.

21 Nov 2017

BConference Abu Dhabi has announced the media partnership with MicroMoney Intl.

MicroMoney Intl., a world leader in innovative social lending practices using blockchain technology. MicroMoney executives will also be taking part in ICO discussion panel detailing their recent token crowdsale, and how they were able to mobilise the crypto community to support a social cause.

Please welcome the moderator of the ICO discussion panel — Azam Shaghaghi, ICO Strategy Advisor.

  • Azam, known as disruptive entrepreneur in none for profit sector, is a technology enthusiast working in financial industry as an analyst. She spends her life learning about how to capitalize on technology disruption innovations and positive impact. Aiming to escalate competitiveness in corporate venture capital, her areas of interest is hedge funds & private equity investment to enhance profit revenue. Azam is also a writing contributor to Huffington Post, Medium, and STEM Magazine.

The ICO discussion panel participant will be Anton Dzyatkovskii — a Co-Founder of MicroMoney Empire.

  • Anton is a successful entrepreneur, strong negotiator, and creative expert in marketing. Passionate and hardworking business leader with more than 13 years of experience in different positions within FinTech, Retail, and E-Commerce. Experienced in expanding financial businesses to totally new markets.

Don’t miss the major Fintech event of the MENA region — BConference Abu Dhabi!

Join us, if you haven’t done it yet.

14 Nov 2017

Please welcome CarFix — the B Conference Platinum Sponsor

On December 7, 2017, Abu Dhabi will host for the second time the main blockchain conference of the MENA region Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi, which will bring together representatives of the blockchain industry from around the world to cover four main directions:

  • ICO and involvement of investments
  • Blockchain technology for FinTech and government
  • Cryptocurrencies, chances for legalisation and regulation in Japan
  • Smart contacts

We are pleased to present CarFix as our Platinum Sponsor. Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain will ultimately be fully decentralized and will be deployed by CarFix in cooperation with QIWI Blockchain Technologies (NASDAQ: QIWI). Issuing VLB Tokens, CarFix  operates as a transaction platform reshaping one of the largest consumer industries in the world auto sale, repair & maintenance. Having operated only 18 months since its creation, CarFix has already brought a significant degree of order and transparency into the industry. CarFix has developed and implemented the software establishing final algorithm-based fixed prices for all key repair and maintenance works. CarFix is supported by the institutional investors.

At the Blockchain Conference, Carfix will be represented by their Co-founder Paul Nazarov. Paul has successfully launched US-wide operations of a start-up health supplement and cosmetic ingredients company AloeCure. The Company continues to grow and gain market share in the US. Paul is also a Co-founder of  Financial Consulting Group ( FCG ), where he is responsible for transaction service and valuation advisory. Mr Nazarov has corporate experience in Macquarie Group (infrastructure fund management), Mubadala Development Company (sovereign wealth), NRG Capital (middle market private equity), Houlihan Lokey (middle market investment bank).

At the Blockchain Conference in Abu Dhabi, Paul Nazarov will oversee the implementation of the blockchain in the vehicle lifecycle industry to create extensive cost savings and major new business opportunities for new industry players (manufacturers, OEM’s, dealers, insurers, lenders and repair shops).

Do not miss your chance to join the Blockchain Conference in Abu Dhabi and build our future today! To register, please follow bconference.org/pricing.

07 Nov 2017

Enjoy amazing updates of the BConference Abu Dhabi Program

The global blockchain community for a second time will unite at the BConference in Abu Dhabi on December 7, 2017. This year the conference will have an incredibly interesting program with top speakers from fintech companies, banking, regulatory and investment sectors.

We are happy to present you our two new speakers:  

1. Ilyas Vali, Co-founder of rLoop.

Ilyas Vali is a co-founder of rLoop; a SpaceX award winning, globally distributed autonomous organisation with over 1200 members across 50 countries. rLoop’s key driver is to develop the future of transport (Hyperloop) and to decentralize the development and technology by moving onto the Blockchain. rLoop was formed on a sub-Reddit and progressed from a few members to over 1200 engineers across 59 countries distributed across the globe including from Nasa, MIT, Google, Facebook and Apple. They are a crowdsourced organization and currently the only hardware organization on the Blockchain, utilizing the Blockchain as a foundation on which to build advanced engineering and design solutions across the globe, with our first focus being the hyperloop.  rLoop are the winners of the Innovation award at SpaceX Hyperloop competition in January 2017 and the Design Award from Dubai Future Foundation and ASITE in 2016.

At the conference, Ilyas will deliver the following presentation: rLoop Decentralising High Technology, Starting with the Hyperloop

2. The next fantastic speaker Steve Papermaster, who is a founder, Chairman and CEO of Nano, the molecular data and nanoscale digital technology leader, will join us on December 7. The Nano Singularity Platform, which includes the NanoAI chip, NanoSense Cloud, Molecular Data Blockchain and Token, and FDA/EPA listed products, is where digital meets life at nanoscale. Mr. Papermaster has 30 years of experience as a career technology entrepreneur, public policy expert, global speaker, and noted author. Steve was an appointed senior advisor to President George W. Bush president regarding domestic and global strategy for innovation, technology, and science. He was a member and co-chair of PCAST, President’s Council of Advisors for Science and Technology, the National Nanotechnology Initiative, Quantum Computing and Data Initiative, and Secretary of Energy Advisory Board.

The topic of Steve’s speech will be Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Life Data-Solving the Greatest Health Challenges in the World.

3. The conference will feature ICO Discussion Panel. Its participants will include Prabhakar Reddy Investor of Accel Partners.

Prabhakar is a serial entrepreneur turned VC. Prabhakar has built three successful companies over the past nine years in digital media and online video, and has had two successful exits. Prabhakar has strong expertise in growth, monetization and product management, and had previously scaled his online video platform to the top 100 websites in the world, with over 100 million monthly viewers.

Katya Dorozhkina “Starta Ventures” and Justas Pikelis “Monetha” will also be among the discussion panel participants.

4. Our second new participant of ICO discussion panel is Anton Dzyatkovskii – a Co-Founder of MicroMoney Empire (Singapore).

Successful entrepreneur, diplomatic negotiator, extreme seller and creative expert in marketing. He is a passionate and hardworking business leader with more than 13 years of experience in different positions within FinTech, Retail and E-Commerce. Working for the Infinto since 2016, he has been given great opportunities to participate in the international development of our company in Asia.

Stay tuned for an upcoming update of our incredibly interesting program. To register for Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi, please follow bconference.org/pricing