Karim D. J. Stadelmann

CTO, Komodo Platform

In his mid-twenties Karim Stadelmann has already achieved more than anybody would have expected. Born in northern Africa and growing up in Austria, his passion for IT showed up early in young age.  After graduating from a high school with focus on informatics he decided to study IT and economics in Germany and Vienna, knowing that this two areas are indivisibly connected. After university, he gained practical experience in IT security and network development while working for the government in the Operations security- sector. In 2011, he decided to move over to the opensource and blockchain area as a freelancer. With just 21 years Karim launched his first startup, which he sold three years later. In this time, he joined several cryptographic and opensource projects focused  on IT related security and intrusion detection systems. The cooperation with the Komodo core developer started in 2016, since that he proofed his ITSEC skills and was therefore announced as their Chief technology officer. His long-term experience as developer ensure finding a solution for every technical issue. Moreover, as head of the technology department he is dedicated to lead the Komodo Platform to the vanguard of the blockchain sector.

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