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25 Oct 2016

Is Blockchain really secure? A cryptographic perspective at Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi

December 8 Abu Dhabi will host the largest blockchain business conference – Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi 2016. The discussed issues include Cryptography and Information Security topic.

The presentation of Hilal Hussein, Senior Solutions Development Specialist, Information Security Expert and Cryptographer, will be dedicated to this topic. Mr Hilal will thoroughly review “Are Blockchain-based Payments Safer than EMV Chip Based Cards: A security analysis of whole transaction lifecycle?” topic.

Within the conference, he will answer the most anticipated and hot issues about security using Blockchain, is it really so secure as everybody talking about.

Hilal Hussein  – Public Speaker, Researcher, and Senior Information Solutions Specialist at the IRTI, a member of IDBG, an international financial institution . Prior to joining IRTI/IDBG, he was a Senior Information Security Consultant at the National Commercial Bank, KSA. He got his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science (focus on Cryptography) from Blaise Pascal University, France. Two patents in Cryptography filed with the United States – USPTO, and several dozen articles on security and cryptography published in international journals and conferences. His research interests include Banking/Financial Security and Cryptography, Blockchain Technology, Securing the Internet of Things (IoTs) and the Cloud-based computation, Side Channel Attacks and Countermeasures, Smart card, Radio-frequency identification, and Wireless Sensor Networks.

You will have a unique opportunity to communicate with high level crypto-security specialist only visiting the main Fintech event of this December- Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi. Don’t miss your chance, buy ticket now here: http://bconference.org/pricing/

20 Oct 2016

Infosys Finacle became silver sponsor of Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi

Have you already heard the newsbreak about First Pilot Blockchain Network that was launched by Infosys Finacle for Emirates NBD and ICICI Bank?

Let us tell you – Emirates NBD is the first in UAE and ICICI Bank is the first bank in India who launched their pilot blockchain-based network for international remittances and trade finance.

There are 2 good news: Infosys Finacle became Silver Sponsor of the Conference and Rajashekara V. Maiya – Associate Vice President and Head-Finacle Product Strategy at Infosys will speak at the Conference to share their unique in the Middle East experience how they launched this pilot project.

Rajashekara Maiya is responsible for charting the product strategy of Finacle, the flagship banking solution of Infosys. This role includes responsibility for, defining the detailed product roadmap, Strategic acquisition & alliance partner identification & management, client engagement and representation of the company with external stakeholders such as analysts and media.

Maiya specialises in risk management, regulations and compliance and has been quoted on these and other topics in publications such as Forbes, The Banker, Banking Technology and the Economic Times. He is also visiting faculty to many universities, and speaks regularly at SIBOS, Asian Banker, MEED and others. He is on the expert panel of the McKinsey Quarterly, a member of the XBRL Abstract Modelling Task Force (AMTF) Group and is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He holds patents and pending patent granting in areas such as partner portals, delivery channels, offline banking and customer experience. Prior to joining Infosys in 1997 Maiya was an audit manager within an accountancy practice. He holds a master’s degree in commerce, specialising in banking, costing and taxation.

Short info: Finacle is the industry-leading universal banking solution from EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Infosys. The solution helps financial institutions develop deeper connections with stakeholders, power continuous innovation and accelerate growth in the digital world. Today, Finacle is the choice of banks across 94 countries and serves over 848 million customers – estimated to be nearly 16.5 percent of the world’s adult banked population.

Finacle solutions address the core banking, e-banking, mobile banking, CRM, payments, treasury, origination, liquidity management, Islamic banking, wealth management, and analytics needs of financial institutions worldwide. Assessment of the top 1000 world banks reveals that banks powered by Finacle enjoy 50 percent higher returns on assets, 30 percent higher returns on capital, and 8.1 percent points lesser costs to income than others.

At Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi you will have an opportunity to communicate with representatives of Infosys Finacle, discuss trends and prospects of blockchain technology in the world and negotiate on further business cooperation. Don’t miss your chance, register here: http://bconference.org/pricing/

15 Oct 2016

Chain of Solar – unique panel that will open new possibilities to create Smart Cities

Chain of Solar is a section of Blockchain conference event to be held in Abu Dhabi on December 8th. Chain of Solar will take place on the second half of the conference day. It will consist of two sections. The first section of Chain of Solar will be description of blockchain solar industry and blockchain usage in this industry. The first section will also introduce the idea of Solar Smart City based on blockchain technology. The second section will be a panel discussion to evaluate some of the ideas presented in the first section with relevant experts.

First Section: Overview of blockchain technology usage in the solar industry

Speakers: Adam Vaziri – Diacle, founder of BitLegal; Luke Johnson – CEO, SolcryptoJV, Tokyo, Hong Kong; Abe Cambridge – CEO, SunExchange, South Africa.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Introduction to blockchain solar industry
  • Case study – problem being fixed: Removal of settlement delay in solar industry
  • Case study: solar crowdfunding
  • Solar smart city

Second Section: Panel Discussion on Solar Smart Cities with international experienced specialists, UAE governmental representatives and enthusiasts from around the world.

You can learn more about Solar Energy using Blockchain only on December 8, 2016 in Abu Dhabi, don’t miss this chance – register here: http://bconference.org/pricing/

12 Oct 2016

Welcome new experienced and well-known speakers of B Conference Abu Dhabi

On December 8, 2016, the heart of Middle East, Abu Dhabi, will host Blockchain Conference, a unique event dedicated to the world of distributed ledger technology aimed to create a unified space for communication with your future business partners, colleagues and likeminded people.

So, welcome Yves-Laurent Kayan, Co-Founder & Strategy Director at COINPLUS, who will speak about what is the best time to invest in Blockchain technology.

Yves-Laurent Kayan is the Co-Founder and Strategy Director of COINPLUS. He is in charge of the entire business development and Company strategy establishment.

Yves-Laurent is entrepreneur at heart. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in development of several companies and projects, essentially focused on gaming and online gaming industry in France.

Yves-Laurent strongly believes that players in bitcoin space must be regulated. Therefore, under his impulsion, COINPLUS has just started the process for the ministerial approval in Luxembourg.

Yves-Laurent graduated from EDC Paris Business School, with a specialization in SME creation and management. He also took the first part of executive Development Programme at IMD Lausanne. For more than ten years he has been acting as instructor and jury for Bac Pro/BTS/Business School.

Born in 1969 in France, he now lives in Luxembourg with his wife and his 1 year-old son. He is a long distance runner and loves gaming.

Marina Reznik, Chief Real Estate Officer at Ubitquity L.L.C, amazing expert and charming lady will speak about unique experience in real estate transactions using Blockchain technology.

Marina Reznik, of Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty & Chief Real Estate Officer with Ubitquity L.L.C., was the first to record a real estate transfer on Bitcoin blockchain, using Colu’s Colored Coins open source protocol and Ubitquity’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform. She is part of Ubitquity’s core team and is responsible for bridging the gap between the tech world and the physical world of people and properties.

Stay tuned with us and you will find out more about how Blockchain technology will change the common way we do business – in Abu Dhabi on December 8th.

04 Oct 2016

First Speakers of Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi

Preparation for such a large-scale event like B Conference Abu Dhabi is going in full swing. And we are starting our weekly marathon of the conference speakers’ announcements. Today, we will present the first star-presenters.

Pavlo Tanasyuk, CEO at BlockVerify ( UK ) will speak about Oil Freight Blockchain Applications

Pavlo is a technology entrepreneur and CEO of BlockVerify. Previously Pavlo was holding the position of CEO and co-founder of Monexy (payment system). Pavlo has MPhil (Technology Policy) from the University of Cambridge Business School and Certificate (General Management) from Stanford University. Pavlo was Editor-In-Chief of Information Systems Journal (London School of Economics, UK). Pavlo is well-known enthusiast of blockchain technology and its social involvement. His works was presented at a numerous big international conferences including World Economic Forum and others.

Loretta Joseph, Director of Market Development Sydney Stock Exchange will speak about unique experience in building a blockchain settlement system.

Loretta Joseph is the Director of Business Development at the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX). With over 25 years of experience in financial markets, Loretta has developed a keen sense of skills that enable her to be one of the most highly dynamic and fast-thinking women in her field. Loretta is awarded “Female leader of 2016” Fintech Australia and has Sancta Sophia College Alumni Award 2016 for Social Impact.

George Basiladze, Founder and Co-CEO at Cryptopay ( UK ) will speak about innovative settlement mechanism for card industry. 

Experienced professional with PE/VC and corporate finance background, George has a passion on starting new businesses or act as a consultant for founders regarding strategy, business strategy, fundraising and communication with VC firms.

Organizers of B Conference Abu Dhabi are working hard in order to hold the next professional conference dedicated to Blockchain technology even better. Besides the beautiful venue, all the guests will have a possibility to enjoy reports of the most interesting speakers with the unique experience. Stay tuned for a full list of speakers!

You can become a speaker of Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi by completing a form on the event website.

18 Sep 2016

Mark your calendars! Key topics were announced

directions_0The B conference program topics were announced: 3 track conference at the B Conference 2016 sets the agenda of key directions and debate for learning professionals in 2016.

So, we are glad to announce draft of topics that will be discussed at the Conference:

  1. Introductions:
  • Means of Blockchain and opportunities for it
  • Blockchain start-ups on UAE map
  • Digital currencies – is there any chance?
  • Blockchain payments and Blockchain remittance
  1. Security and regulation:
  • Security settlements
  • Law enforcement and regulation
  1. Real case study: Practical usage of Blockchain:
  • Decentralization to build a better government
  • Blochchain technology for real estate transactions
  • Digital asset trading
  • Blockchain for publishing
  • Blockchain solutions for global freight

The conference program will feature 20+ speakers from major financial institutions from all over the world and blockchain startups. The agenda explores a unique combination between fintech entrepreneurs, bankers and governments across Europe, Middle East and the rest of the world.

The B Conference is created with the emphasis on learning in practice, with auditorium sessions, café sessions, all with the common theme of interaction and engagement.

The Blockchain Conference will take place at Mariott Downtown Abu Dhabi on 8 December 2016.

With the launch of this new event, we’re excited to offer bankers, VCs, startups, unicorns, payment companies, government officials, and more the opportunity to actively exchange information and establish powerful strategic alliances

If your company is interested in sponsoring an upcoming event, please contact  [email protected]

18 Jul 2016

The heart of blockchain is beating now in UAE


Blockchain is a technology for a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency while streamlining business processes.  Being the world’s first ultimate leader to innovation and introduction of high- tech business, UAE now eager to lead the way in the FinTech sector and usage of blockchain technology in the Middle East.

Abu Dhabi Global Market has released a consultation paper in which it detailed its plans to create a sandbox environment for FinTech under which startups would be allowed to work under a flexible regulatory framework for up to two years. In Dubai, more than 30 regional startups, government agencies and regional enterprise businesses have come together so far this year to begin working on proofs-of-concept with the technology.

So, it is no wonder that the heart of blockchain is beating now in UAE, and no wonder UAE will host the most anticipated technology event – Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi 2016.

Learn how blockchain will fundamentally change the way we do business.

Conference topics:





What should you expect?

Meet inspiring people creating the world of tomorrow. Network with savvy, hopeful next generation individuals and companies pushing the envelope of human creativity and collaboration.
Stay privy to the hottest innovations and future trends in business, investment, communication, marketing, and technology.
We’re an intimate open forum of passionate collaborators. We encourage participation and friendship. From interactive Q/As to legendary and intimate socials, this isn’t your average ‘conference’.

Who is our target audience?

Our events bring together technology people and business people to promote increased understanding and business opportunities. The audience is expected to include investors, developers, industry experts, researchers, Top-managers, and entrepreneurs.banks

  • government
  • entrepreneurs
  • specialists of financial field
  • investors
  • representatives of private equity funds and venture capitals
  • business angels
  • financial institutions
  • credit companies
  • financial advisers
  • representatives of small and medium enterprises
  • representatives of payment systems
  • lawyers
  • Security Solution providers
  • developers
  • startups

Learn how distributed ledgers can be used in business

It mixes Silicon Valley and Wall Street and could represent a radical departure from longstanding financial networks.

Registration to the Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi: bconference.org

Date: 8 December 2016

+971 56 892 12 16

[email protected]