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07 Nov 2016

Conference agenda includes 5 panels and representatives from 12 countries

Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi, the main FinTech event in the Middle East region, will be held on December 8 at Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi. This activity promises to be multinational, with representatives from 12 countries to share their views on the future of Blockchain technology.

We are glad to announce that the conference agenda includes 5 panels, which are as follows:

Intro Panel:

  • Saqr M. Ereiqat (IBM Middle East) – “Your introduction to Blockchain”
  • Steve Plimsoll (PwC Middle East) – “The future of audit/accounting 2016 version”
  • Yves-Laurent Kayan (Coinplus) – “Investment in Blockchain: what is worth to know”
  • Victor Kiriakos (Flat6Labs) – “Blockchain start-ups on the UAE Map”

Finances and Banking:

  • Rajashekara V. Maiya (Emirates NBD & Infosys Finacle) – “Case study: Blockchain network for Emirates NBD”
  • Loretta Joseph (Sydney Stock Exchange Limited) – “How to build a blockchain settlement system”
  • George Basiladze (Cryptopay) – “Bitcoin as a settlement mechanism for card industry”
  • Cecil O’Brien Owens (Total Technologies and Solutions FZ-LLC) – “Blockchain-based e-voting system”
  • Hilal Hussein (IDB Group) – “Secure payment system using cryptography, and Blockchain technology”


  • Madhukar Shenoy (PwC Middle East) – the topic will be announced soon
  • Christian Chamorro-Courtland (Zayed University Abu Dhabi) – “Law enforcement and regulation”

Real Case Studies:

  • Pavlo Tanasyuk (Blockverify.io) – “Oil Freight Blockchain Applications”
  • Marina Reznik (Ubitquity LLC) – “Blockchain technology for real estate transactions”
  • Dominik Schiener (IOTA) – “IOTA-ledger of things”

Chain of Solar

  • Luke Johnson (SolCryptoJV) and Abe Cambridge (SunExchange) – “Overview of the use of Blockchain Technology in the solar industry”

+ Unique presentation of new product to be launched.

Each panel will be moderated by experts, who are skilled and proficient in each topic; they will make the conference day full of pithy discussions and provocative questions.

The conference speakers will talk about new technological solutions, security and privacy issues, collaborations and new products. They will share their practical cases and specific examples demonstrating operation of Blockchain in the best possible way. You will learn how to use Blockchain in your own business and earn more than others.

Join us, if you haven’t done it yet!

15 Oct 2016

Chain of Solar – unique panel that will open new possibilities to create Smart Cities

Chain of Solar is a section of Blockchain conference event to be held in Abu Dhabi on December 8th. Chain of Solar will take place on the second half of the conference day. It will consist of two sections. The first section of Chain of Solar will be description of blockchain solar industry and blockchain usage in this industry. The first section will also introduce the idea of Solar Smart City based on blockchain technology. The second section will be a panel discussion to evaluate some of the ideas presented in the first section with relevant experts.

First Section: Overview of blockchain technology usage in the solar industry

Speakers: Adam Vaziri – Diacle, founder of BitLegal; Luke Johnson – CEO, SolcryptoJV, Tokyo, Hong Kong; Abe Cambridge – CEO, SunExchange, South Africa.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Introduction to blockchain solar industry
  • Case study – problem being fixed: Removal of settlement delay in solar industry
  • Case study: solar crowdfunding
  • Solar smart city

Second Section: Panel Discussion on Solar Smart Cities with international experienced specialists, UAE governmental representatives and enthusiasts from around the world.

You can learn more about Solar Energy using Blockchain only on December 8, 2016 in Abu Dhabi, don’t miss this chance – register here: http://bconference.org/pricing/